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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Weigh In

A friend of mine has a meme going on, on her blog Learning at His Feet called Tuesday Weigh In. Since I haven't written in awhile about my weightloss I thought I'd join in this week. Not sure if I will post every week but I think talking about it will help me a bit.
The reason being.. I've hit a HUGE plateau. Back in March 2012 I hit 142 with a total weight loss of 32 pounds and I've been sitting here ever since. I dipped down to 141 for about a week and came right back up.. I've even brought myself up a couple pounds and then trickled back to 142. So here I sit.. What should I do?? I have no idea...
I weigh myself faithfully every morning. I don't want to get my weight back up to anything above 144. These two pounds are my safe zone. I allow myself this cushion for well monthly hormone changes etc.. I am happy with what I look like in the mirror. I am in a size 6/8 so I can't complain.. I just wish I could shed a little bit more. My ideal weight that I would LOVE to see on the scale would be 135. I have to keep in mind though that I'm physically active. Years ago after having my last child I got down to 144 (nothing smaller) but I was in a size 10 then. As you can see I weigh the same as I did then but I'm in a size 6/8. I am going to happily blame muscle mass for that and not fat.
I'm a runner. I wasn't back then. I'm also a weightlifter.. I wasn't back then either... I just wish I could find something to do to get me out of this loooonnnnggggg plateau so I can hit my ultimate goal.
Not sure what to do yet.. I've done the calorie counting, the exercising 5 days a week.. I am wondering if this is where my body wants to stay.. I guess I can't complain though. I feel good, I have energy and these two are the big things.. Hopefully I will see the scale moving downward again.. REALLY soon...

This is me now.. I am really grateful for losing all the weight I have. I truly am happy with what I see in the mirror.. Now just want to touch up on a few areas that still do a little jiggling.. if you know what I mean.. hee hee!!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I'm further away from my goal weight than you, but I'm in the smallest size of my adult weight. I feel great, but I know I could go smaller.

    Thanks for linking to me. I updated my post to add your link as well!

  2. Lynn,
    We have a lot in common. Your bio/profile sounds like me (other than being a Mom and the marathon thing.) But, I am a runner and reach plateaus in my weight loss at times. I swear by upping the fiber and protein--and INTERVALS. Intervals with running of giving it everything I can for 5 minutes, slowing down for three, etc. I do that until I reach my time or my mileage goal. When in a plateau, I do intervals every other running day and make sure to do a long run once a week as well. Ther unning days in between are my normal run. I have worked with several dieticians and spoken with physical trainers--and this is what they swear by--and so do I. It works. When the body gets used to a routine, it can be dangerous and the body plateaus--even if you are losing weight. The workouts are not as effective. Intervals and a long-run help with this. It keeps the body guessing.

    Good luck! I KNOW you can do it!!!


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