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Monday, December 17, 2012

College Bound

My DD18 has been dual enrolled in a local college since August. Her first ever college class was an Art Class which she just finished with it last week. That gave her a jump start of 3 credits. She enrolled again for the Spring to take advantage of dual enrollment and to work on some core subjects. The price is a great deal at only $52.00 a credit. She will be taking Human Biology 101 w/ Lab, Intro to Psychology and College Writing I. These total 10 credits which will give her a total of 13 credits which is a nice jump start for the Fall when she starts college full time.
With that brings me the reason for this post. College in the Fall. My daughter has finally picked the college she'd like to attend and her major. We couldn't be more proud of her. She has decided to stay close to home and attend the private catholic college right here in town. The University of Great Falls. She will be majoring in Forensic Science and minoring in Criminal Law. She is so excited about this next adventure of her life. I really feel she's made a great choice in a college and a career path. She's always been really good in science and math and this career will allow her to use her talents in her daily life.
We love how the class sizes are small. It's religously based. It's a private college which is a huge bonus. And the programs they ask the kids to do not only strengthen them academically but also spirtually, emotionally and physically.
She toured the campus during the Summer during their Argo Days. She spent the day at the campus taking a tour, and spent the night in a dorm. She will be staying with us to save on money but she loved the adventure of living in a dorm for a day.
There's even more great news attached to this. She already received her acceptance letter in the mail this past week. Even better than that- she will be receiving an $11,000 scholarship from the school to help put towards her tuition. She's earning this because of her grade point average.. She plans to work the next couple months to find more scholarship opportunities to help pay off her college and reduce the amount she will have to pay out of her pocket.
With the classes she's taking from her dual enrollment program, everything except the biology class will work to reduce her core classes that are required and the biology class is part of her major and will take 4 credits off of that..
We are so proud of all that she's accomplished. She's going to do great! GO ARGO'S!!!!!

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