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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Daughter Turns 18!

On Halloween, my daughter turned 18. I can't believe how time has flown by that my little baby girl can be an adult already. It feels like yesterday I was holding her tiny body in the hospital giving her her name and now she's ready to embrace adulthood. I wanted to make her day special so I made her an elegant cake. You only turn 18 once you know!
Here she is with her three tiered butterfly cake. She told me I could surprise her with whatever I wanted to make her and thought this would be just perfect for her. She told me this was the best cake I've ever made, so I guess I did my job well.. (smiles)..... She had her friend over for dinner and cake and then she spent the night. It was a great day for her!


Here's another look at the cake from the side so you can see the butterflies flowing around to the back
The backside of the cake where you can see the butterflies

The topper....

On her actual birthday I rented a sign for the day outside our house. It said "Fabulous 18.. Happy Birthday.. We love you! with her name on it! She loved it!

I always get a picture with my kids each year when I can on their bdays. Here is my daughter and I on her 18th bday!
Well my daughter is officially an adult and I'm officially a mother of an adult child.. ummm..I don't feel old at all...hee hee!! So she now gets the new title of DD18 here on my blog...
She's growing up quickly. She will be finishing her high school credits in the next couple weeks so she can pursue as many credits as she can at M.S.U. College of Technology here in town as a dual enrollment student. She is finishing up a 3 credit art class for her elective she will need for her college next yr. She hopes to get a math and science class done next semester. She's also looking hard for her first job. It's tough right now getting your first job w/out experience but she's a trooper and she just keeps going... Things are looking up for her and I'm so proud of the woman she's become!!

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