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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Doe Down..Doe Down!

We had a long hunting season. Hubby and I spent a lot of days, and weekends out searching for some venison.. Last year we were fortunate to get three deer (two does and one buck) all were white tails.. This year was a bit harder for us as we were on our own trying to find state land to hunt on. Last year we were shown private land to hunt and that's where we got all three of our deer. This year we were competing with a lot of other state land hunters.... We were able to get one mule doe on some hutterite land just south of town. She's below..
During this hunting season, hubby and I spent a lot of time together. A lot of hours in the woods searching and with that we had a lot of time to talk and grow together as a couple! I think that was the best part of hunting....
I had an opportunity at the beginning of hunting season before we got our doe for a mule buck. He was really young with just spikes for antlers and he was with four does but didn't get him. Shot at him but missed.. it was a sad day!!
One weekend we were able to hunt on my husband's co-workers property out east of town and found a beautiful mule buck. We sat and watched this buck with six does for 4 solid hours waiting for him to come onto the property we were able to hunt on. This 10 point big guy was just sitting about 75 yrds on the other side of the fence on property we couldn't hunt on. It was 5 pm and hunting time was almost over and the buck and his does got up and started towards the property we were on. We were sooo excited. Hubby was crouched down waiting for the moment while I kept my eyes on them. Then out of nowhere the adjacent property owner comes flying up in a big truck and a golf cart full of people and jumped out and scared off the deer and left us empty handed. We were sooo upset. 4 1/2 hours stocking these deer and in 2 minutes they were gone..
Hubby also had an opportunity at two mule bucks. One popped up right below us but by the time we realized he was there he was already gone running over the hill.. The second one was in a coulee and was farther away than we thought at over 300 yards and the aim was off because of the distance and he too got away. He was a beautiful buck too..
All and all we have one doe in the freezer and was also blessed with about 17 pounds of ground elk from my husband's co-worker. He got an elk and got tired of skinning it and gave us the rest for us to take off the bones which we were happy to do.. This was a true blessing for us as we don't like eating the meat in the stores that are pumped full of fake hormones..
My DS13 got his hunting license this year after taking the hunter's safety course. He wasn't able to get a deer this year. The few times he went out there wasn't any deer in the area but he's looking forward to going out next year. He still has a tag for Upland Game Birds and he will go with hubby this weekend to try to find us some birds for the freezer.. They went last weekend but didn't find any they could shoot. Even though deer season is over, they have until Dec 31st to hunt for birds so they are going to give it their all!
We'll see if we can add some pheasants to our freezer.. mmmmmm.......

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