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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dining Room Remodel Cont...

Working daily on our home remodel. I got all the wainscoting and the walls painted in both kitchen and dining room (was family room) Hubby and I spent this past weekend measuring for trim. Bought the crown moulding that will wrap around both rooms as well as the moulding to go around the windows and inside the windows.
Hubby has all the trim installed in the three windows in the dining room and almost completed the kitchen window. I'm going behind him painting it all. It's looking fantastic and it's really fancied the area up nicely. It's night and day in my opinion. When it's all completed I'll show you the before/after photos.
During all this, I'm in the process of making roman shades from scratch for all three windows. With all the window framing and new windowsills installed, I didn't want it all be covered up by window treatments. The roman shades fit inside the window exposing the pretty trim and the wainscoting on the walls.. Loving it!
When this is all done, hubby will be installing the crown moulding and I'm installing new paintable switch plates in both rooms. After this is all done, we will work on painting our kitchen cabinets and then installing new hardware to all 59 drawers/cabinets.
When that is all done, the new flooring will be installed and the remaining trim will go up. Chair moulding, new door frame moulding and baseboard moulding. We are still weighing our options for the kitchen counters. To paint them or purchase new ones. Whatever we choose on that, we will get a new sink/faucet in the deal plus new lighting in both rooms. It's coming along nicely and I can't wait to see the final project..

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