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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Remodeling Stage 1 Continues..

Working hard on our home remodel. Spent one full week, an average of 4-8 hours a day on wallpapering the kitchen walls, painting and putting up wainscoting in the kitchen and family room (now dining room). The house has come a long way in this past week and it's looking really nice. We were hoping to put in our new wood flooring last weekend but decided to take our time with this first and plan on installing the floors this coming weekend. We will be putting new wood floors in the kitchen, family room (now dining room) and into the laundry room.
I have some updated photos of our work so far below..

 photo 013-001.jpg
Here is my red wall that starts in the kitchen and ends up here above. This is part of the family room (now dining room)

 photo 033.jpg
Here it is in it's current state. The top part is freshly painted and wainscoting applied. I will be painting the wainscoting tomorrow with a really nice Antique White color. The trim around the doors, flooring, chair moulding and crown moulding will be put in after the wood floors are installed. We will also be getting new white doors for the bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry room.

 photo 003-2.jpg
Here is a before picture of the next wall going around the room..

 photo 005.jpg
Putting up the wainscoting. You can see our flooring sitting over there on the side.. YEH!

 photo 034.jpg
Wall in it's current state. Wainscoting up, wall freshly painted and will have all the moulding put in after the floors are installed. I will be painting this wainscoting the same as the other walls.

 photo 027.jpg
Next wall around the room. Here I started painting the top portion on the right side of the photo.

 photo 029.jpg
Here it is in it's current state. I have the wainscoting installed ready to be painted. The top is freshly painted and we will be getting new trim around the windows, flooring, chair moulding, crown moulding and new windowsills as well. I plan to make Roman shades for each window to show off the walls when we are all completed.

 photo 032-1.jpg
I kept the curtains right now so we don't have everyone looking into our home. It's going to be awhile before I can get to making the shades so when they are complete these will come down, wall repaired and painted where the rod set.

 photo 009-001.jpg
Now onto the kitchen. This is where the red wall starts from the living room side.. Before..

 photo 036.jpg
Here is how the wall looks right now. The top part has new paintable wallpaper up to cover the manufactured walls. It has a fresh coat of paint that is the same as the family room (now dining room). All the moulding like the other walls will be installed after flooring is put in.

 photo 0331.jpg
A before picture of half of my kitchen.. You can see the piece of wood with stained glass above the sink?

 photo 022.jpg
Freshly wallpapered and painted. We will be getting new light fixtures, countertops, sink and faucets when this is all said and done... We will also be painting or maybe staining (not sure which yet) the cabinets and installing new hardware. Now you can see the stained glass wood piece is now gone.. YEH!

 photo 010.jpg
Here is the red wall about mid way down the wall.. Before...

 photo 025.jpg
Here is the wall in it's current condition. All wallpapered and painted. Ready for crown moulding, and the cabinets a new update as well plus a new countertop.. Can't wait!!

 photo 025-001.jpg
Here is a part of our kitchen wall before..

 photo 021.jpg
Here it is currently. Just need to add the moulding after the floor is put in, new countertop and painted cabinets..
So this is my project so far. I will have the wainscoting painted tomorrow and I will be done in the kitchen, family room (now dining room) until it's time to put in the new wood floors.
After I paint the wainscoting, I will be moving into the laundry room to add wallpaper and paint that all up so we can install the wood floors in there as well. We will be replacing all the trim around doors, ceiling, and windows in there as well, plus a new windowsill. We plan to find a nice decorative door for the water heater since the one in there now is falling apart and we will be painting the cabinets above the washer and dryer to match the kitchen. The closet door will be replaced as well to a white one after the trim is installed.
I have three bathrooms. All full ones.. The two bathrooms the kids use will be wallpapered and painted and new flooring installed. I will also do some updated shower curtains and MAYBE medicine cabinets.. Not sure on that yet. The cabinets will be painted to match the kitchen.
For the master bath, it will be wallpapered and painted. We will be getting new medicine cabinets that my hubby will be building from scratch and new lighting fixtures. We may get a new counter top and we already replaced the sink faucets with new ones the other day. They look awesome. We will also be painting the cabinets in there as well to match the kitchen ones. New flooring will also be installed along with shelving for more storage.
Before working on the bathrooms, I plan to refresh the paint in the living room and homeschool room and may add wainscoting in there as well. If we do, then we will also be adding chair moulding. If we add the wainscoting, I will make Roman shades for all the windows in there to open up the walls more so they are not covered up so much by the draperies. All the rooms will be getting new light fixtures installed.
 I'll post pictures of the laundry room, living room/homeschool room and bathrooms as I start working on them..
Until then...

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