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Friday, April 26, 2013

Daughter's New Ride

My daughter saved up some money and purchased her own car. A 1997 Mercury Villager Van. The price was right because it had body damage due to two deer accidents. Other than some outside cosmetic issues and some elbow grease to clean the inside out, the van looks fantastic.

Hubby and I took her down to the local salvage yard and found all the new parts for her van and hubby helped her put them all on. Now the van looks like new.. She paid $1,000 for the van plus $200 for the parts.. Can't beat that...

 photo 028.jpg
Picture above shows the front damage from one of the deer the previous owner hit
 photo 027-1.jpg
Before- picture of broken tail light and missing MERCURY letters
 photo 036-1.jpg
After- new tail light with new MERCURY letters
 photo 029-1.jpg
Before- ducktaped mirror from when the deer hit the car from previous owner
 photo 037.jpg
After- new mirror
 photo 030.jpg
Before- mirror was duct taped to stay on from another deer hitting car from previous owner
 photo 038.jpg
After- new mirror installed
 photo 033-1.jpg
Here is an up close frontal view of van with my daughter before repairs
 photo 034-1.jpg
Here it is after repairs. New hood, lights and grill
 photo 035.jpg
My DD18 proudly standing in front of her newly fixed van. Paid for and repaired alongside my hubby.. She's so proud of all her accomplishments. Nothing like buying your first vehicle with cash, fixing it up with your own hands and taking pride in it.. My hubby and her spent hours over several days cleaning the inside of the van out as well. I don't have any before/after photos of that, but it wasn't clean when she got it.. A little deep clean and some time and it looks like new..

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