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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Fling Prom

 I'd like to post some photos of the local homeschool prom called Spring Fling. This was back on Friday. Any homeschooler grade 8 + could attend so my daughter and my son both went and I chaperoned which allowed for me to take some photos..

 photo 004.jpg

 My daughter had her hair done at the local salon for this special occasion since this will be her last year attending.

 photo 005.jpg

 Curly Curly!!!

 photo 019.jpg
Spraying to keep it all in place!!!
 photo 007.jpg
My daughter's father bought her this beautiful corsage for her to wear.. 
 photo 026.jpg
My DS14 and DD18 ready to attend the dance.. Don't they look nice!!
 photo 029.jpg

 Since I was a chaperone, I got dressed up too..
 photo 036.jpg
During the dance the Seniors were able to play a game.. Since my daughter was a Senior this year she was able to play.. Here she is above trying to hit a birdie from one end to the other and back again.
 photo 044.jpg

 DD18 posing with the other Seniors...
 photo 052.jpg

 DD18 received a gift bag full of goodies for being a Senior this year..
 photo 071.jpg

 During the evening they had a game where you had to guess the baby picture to the Senior graduating. Here is the pic of my baby #4, now adult!!..
 photo 065.jpg
My DS14 had a blast. Didn't do much dancing which is what I thought would happen. They had a ping pong table and he played this most of the night with his friend/neighbor standing next to him..
 photo 054.jpg

 The entire group gathered together to get a picture taken..
 photo 079.jpg
They had a backdrop set up and another homeschool mom was the photographer. She allowed us to take our own pictures that evening. Here above is one of my daughter I took.
 photo 081.jpg

 Here is one of my son above
 photo 082.jpg

 Both of them together..
 photo 090.jpg

 Took a group shot of them with some of their friends..
 photo 119.jpg
My daughter and me...
 photo 104.jpg
Dancing w/ her brother above. This was the ONLY time my son danced that evening..
 photo 121.jpg

 Dancing w/ a friend above
 photo 126.jpg
Dancing w/ the neighbor...

They had a blast.. I'm so glad my daughter was able to attend and enjoy her last year as a high schooler.. It was great memories for both of them...

This was posted on one of my other blogs. The reason behind the photos w/ a different name on them. They are my sole property and not for use by any other person without written permission

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