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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cupcake Tower

For my daughter's graduation I decided against making a cake and had cupcakes instead.. I didn't want them just sitting on the table for people to grab so I decided to make a cupcake tower. I looked around my house and online to see how I wanted to assemble this tower. I decided to use what I already owned. Cake plates and pedestal columns. 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14' cake plates
I purchased a roll of light blue tulle in the wedding aisle of Michaels and found some ready made silver bows in the dollar bin there as well. To cover the cake plates I went down the cake aisle and found a roll of plate foil..
 photo 006-2.jpg
Covered each plate with the foil and secured it on the bottom with lots of tape. I then unraveled the tulle and every so often twisted some thin wire and put a glue dot on that section to adhere it to the foil on the plate. I then added the silver bow on top so you didn't see the glue or wire underneath.. I did that for all 5 plates.
 photo 106.jpg
Here's the cupcake tower all set up on display at the grad party. I added a string of white flowers around the base to add depth and a 5 inch cake to the top cake plate. All of these plates held 70 cupcakes along with the 5 inch cake on top..
 photo 082-1.jpg
Here's a close up of the tower showing off the decorated plates with the pedestal columns supporting them up. The pedestal columns are the 5 inch tall ones to give enough room for the cupcake and the cupcake toppers I made for them.
 photo 081-1.jpg
Here is the cake topper I added. All of these items were found at Michaels and Party America.
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