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Monday, July 29, 2013

Father's Day Camping Trip

I'm really behind in posting about what's going on this Summer at and around our house. I have some photos to share of our camping trip we took with a few other families we know that also homeschool. We went up to one of the families farm up north and camped there from Friday to Sunday afternoon. What an adventure it was. We headed up when it was partly cloudy and as we got to the property it started downpouring with hail to boot.. We have a 2 wheel drive Suburban going on this muddy dirt road up a large hill to the camp site made for a really fun mudbogging adventure. Our friends went up first and tried really hard to go up 2 wheel drive but ended up putting it in 4 wheel drive and we watched them travel up sideways all the way to the top.. Kids thought that was totally awesome to watch that! For us we didn't have that option so it took us some very creative maneuvering to get us where we needed and a story to tell our grandchildren.. (smiles)

While setting up our camp a rain shower came through again making the tents all wet but we overcame. Because of the rain though and the cloud cover the temps never climbed so we ended up with upper 30's for temps that night. brrrrrrrr.......   Keep in mind we were camping in the summer so we didn't prepare ourselves for that cold of a night.

Over all, we had a blast. Went hiking, saw a young elk still with spots. Beautiful views, and wonderful fellowship with friends.. Went fishing, caught many and released many.. Great memories to be had!

 photo 033.jpg

Hubby and his friend cutting firewood for our campsite firepit

 photo 038.jpg

Beautiful view of the area around our campsite

 photo 047.jpg

Homestead on the property that my friends family once lived in years ago!!

 photo 072-1.jpg

 photo 084.jpg

My daughter and I posing at the homestead

 photo 137.jpg

Hubby's fish he caught

 photo 142.jpg

DS11's second fish he caught. I wasn't there when he caught his first fish..

 photo 146.jpg

DS14's fish he caught

 photo 147.jpg

My fish I caught. My very first Brook Trout... my hubby says I hold fish funny.. Oh well, I didn't drop him.. hee hee!

 photo 145.jpg

All the families having a great time at the pond..

 photo 150.jpg

 photo 158.jpg

On our hike to the top of the mountain which was long and almost straight up in some spots, it was well worth it when you saw this view..

 photo 157-1.jpg

My son while we rested half way up the mountain

 photo 177.jpg

Once we hit the top, we took a photo to remember it by..

 photo 10563_266268836848993_1150690161_n.jpg

The teens went on a separate hike which included DD18 and DS14.. this is just a few of the kids that went on the hike.

 photo 192.jpg

The ladies enjoying dinner

 photo 193.jpg

Roasting marshmallows.. mmmmmmmm

 photo 205.jpg

On Father's Day was when we packed up the tent and went back home. Here is my hubby above as "Super Dad".. thought it very fitting since it was his special day!!

 photo 206.jpg

The ladies before we went home..
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