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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gas Stove Covers Makeover

 I've lived in my home now for 6 yrs and have always disliked the look of my gas stove covers. They looked rusty and a need to be replaced, so I thought!

I came across a pin on pinterest not to long ago about how to clean these nasty things without breaking a sweat. I thought to myself, 'what do I have to lose'. Other than replacing them, so I gave it a try.
So what do you need to clean these things?
2-3 TBS of ammonia
zip lock bag that will fit each of your covers (total of 4)
 photo 008-2.jpg
Slide them into the bags after you pour 2-3 TBS of ammonia in them. Seal and walk away for at least 5 hours. I let mine soak overnight.
 photo 001-3.jpg
This is the drippings from one of my covers that was left in the bag after I pulled it out
 photo 011.jpg
After it soaked overnight, look at all the gunk that really stands out now.. ick...
 photo 003-1.jpg
Before- Yuck!
 photo 004-2.jpg
After a little warm water and very minor rubbing. )Just to brush it all off) it looks like this now above! Can you say AMAZING!!! They look brand new..
 photo 006-1.jpg
Can you believe I was going to get rid of these and buy new ones. They look awesome now.. And it was so easy to do too..

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  1. Wow...I was thinking the exact same thing. Now to try this out!


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