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Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of School Photos

I'm a little behind in posting the kids first day of school photos..

DD18 started her first day on August 26th at Montana State University-Great Falls working towards her associates degree in Graphic Design

 photo 013-002_zps9dd7d765.jpg

The same day, DS11 started his homeschool year as a 6th grader

 photo 012-002_zps1d82c473.jpg

Couple days later, on August 28th, DS14 started his Freshman Year at the local high school

 photo 002-001_zpsca1d6109.jpg
It's been interesting having all three of my children doing something different this year. We are in our 10th yr homeschooling and it's been years since I've only homeschooled one so this year is a little different for me having my oldest son in public school for the year.
I'm enjoying all the time I get to spend with my youngest and he's thriving well with him being the only one at home during the day.
My daughter goes to school three days a week and the rest of the week she's working so this is going to be a year where she's out of the house alot working/schooling. So far she's really loving her classes, teachers and work schedule..
DS14 is doing well with his classes. I was worried that he wouldn't fit in well but he seems to understand the classes, and the teachers are pretty nice for him. He's adjusting to waking up REALLY early since as a homeschooler we've never had to do that before. He's been coming home tired so it's going to be something to get used to for him.
It's a good start to the school year and look forward to posting some pics of DS11's school projects here as the year progresses...

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