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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

On our way to Helena, MT on Saturday to do a Costco run, I got a hair-brained idea to take a trip to Idaho to go enjoy a day at Silverwood Theme Park. Yep.. Drove 89 miles south of town, completed our shopping trip inside Costco, purchased our theme passes there.. (Saved a ton of money doing it that way), drove 89 miles back north home.. THEN.. packed our goodies, asked our wonderful Idaho friends if we could camp at their house to save some money then found out they were already camping at their parents property just north of St. Maries, ID.. They were so awesome to say we could camp with them.
So, the same day as our Costco trip, we drove to the Coeur d'Alene area. A total of 8 hours driving in one day. We arrived in the dark, to set up our tent. Our wonderful friends helped us get all settled in and then enjoyed their company until almost 2 in the morning..
We awoke bright and early and headed to Silverwood to spend the day. This was the first time my youngest and my husband have ever been to Silverwood and only my 4th time so we found out there were a lot of new rides and waterslides since we were there last. It's been a good 6 years now..
Didn't take any pictures in the park because I didn't want to worry about my camera during the day but we ended up riding 7 rides, played a little at the waterpark and stood in an 1 hour and 15 minute line to ride ONE waterslide.. I now know why people go on separate days to enjoy Boulder Beach and then Silverwood Theme Park. You just can't do them both in one day..
We headed back to our 'campsite' and fell asleep early because I was beat.. Woke up early the next morning to enjoy the morning in fellowship with my good friends, then packed up and headed back to MT... It was a wonderful weekend and so glad we were able to enjoy it with old friends..
Now it's time to settle in for Winter which will probably be here up North in a blink of an eye.. It was a great weekend... 

 photo 1_zps9005ee65.jpg

Hubby breaking down the tent before we head home. I never thought I'd say this but I've really come to enjoy camping. We did it twice this year and once last year. I hope to do it more next year and invest in some camping gear and maybe a bigger tent..

 photo 5_zps5e6b2b78.jpg

A view of the area we were camping in with our friends and their families..

 photo 6_zps96f0a471.jpg

DS14 playing on their tree swing...

 photo 44_zps4473acc0.jpg

DS11 enjoying their tree fort
My DD18 stayed home in MT since she had to work over the weekend. She enjoyed the house all to herself. She got her ears pierced for the second time and she dyed her hair while we were gone.. I think she got used to the quiet house... hee hee....

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