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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mr. Lucky's Not So Lucky...

Started our deer hunting season on October 26th. On the 27th I found a beautiful buck and took a shot but missed him. Ever since I saw him, I was determined to find him and bring him home. After 3 more trips I finally found him again.. And I'm so happy to say he's now home with me...

 photo IMG_0032-LDBG_zps72abe95c.jpg
We named him Lucky when I missed him last week. Hubby saw him yesterday with three does trying to cross the coulee but was too far to shoot him, which was totally fine with me because I wanted him for myself. After several hours crawling on my hands and knees over three days and lying in tall grass scouting and only seeing does it was today where he finally came upon the open field I was setting my sights on.
Yesterday I was spotted by two does in a herd of 14. They all scampered away. With the encounter, I was afraid they wouldn't come back. I was correct in assuming that. These same does came upon the field just beyond me and as I watched them through my binoculars I was waiting, and hoping he would follow them up.. I was so trained on them that I forgot to glaze over the field I was intending to scout. I look over and BAM... there he was. Just standing in the field all by himself. It was just breathtaking. He turned his back to me to eat which gave me just enough time to get my rifle into position. He then turned to look at the girlies in the other field and as he did, he gave me a beautiful broadside view and a perfect ethical shot of him. He fell in the exact spot I shot him and I'm very happy that he didn't suffer..
He is just a magnificent animal when you get close to him. I look forward to displaying his 6 point mule deer antlers on my wall next to my hubby's whitetail antlers that he got two years ago. I am one very happy hunter today.. A great day indeed......

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