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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh Deer!

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We are officially tagged out for the 2013 hunting season. It's been an absolutely awesome yr for hunting. Why do I say that? For a few reasons really.
1. I was able to scout out on state land the perfect buck
2. Nobody else was on this land that had so many deer it was amazing (all but two were does)
3. Got to 'really' hunt this year by crawling, squatting, penguin waddling through thick sage brush, high weeds and farm crops to get where I needed to be and it was awesome!
4. Got about 100 yrds from my deer I named Lucky because I tried for him, missed but came back again to get him for good..
5. I got to spend all of this time with my wonderful husband..
6. I got my very first buck.. Mule Deer- 6 point.. "Lucky"

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Then my husband had his opportunity 5 days after me. He got his on private land of a fellow co-worker. This beautiful 9 point mule buck literally came right to us. It was VERY cold that day. When we arrived it was really foggy and make it hard to see on the high hills around the property. We spotted 6 does about 1/4 mile out and we sat and watched them from within the truck, close to the house. We then decided it was time to get out and start looking as it was getting later and things weren't looking good.
We got out, walked around some grain bins to check out if the does we were watching had more with them. As my hubby was looking with binoculars at them, I turned my head to the left and four does were running in an S shape being chased by a buck. I couldn't believe it. It took me a second to realize they were running right towards us. Totally oblivious of us standing out in the open, I got hubby's attention, he turned and saw them too. When he knew they weren't looking, he dropped down, put his site on the buck in the back, waited for them to slow at the fence line, and took the shot.
This was an absolute blessing to us. With it being so cold that day, we realized we didn't have to carry him far to the truck.. He was such a beautiful animal and we are now tagged out for the year.
Hunting has been such a bonding activity for my husband and I. We get all dressed up in camo, bundle up warm and off we go to land outside of town. It feel so wonderful to be able to do this with him and to feed our family, wholesome, real meat throughout the year because of our efforts.. It's a great feeling...

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