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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Son's 12th Birthday Celebration

My youngest just turned 12 on December 22nd. Time sure is flying. All my babies are all growing up, and in turn, making me feel old.. It was a low key year for birthday parties. Mama here needed a year off from party planning and it sure was nice. DS12 wanted a friend over for a sleepover and I thought "that won't hurt". We had the neighbors over for cake, he had two friends over for a bit and then one slept over. Simple, easy and he had a blast!!

 photo DSCF0365_zps60661f54.jpg
Every year I have a picture taken with the birthday child. Here I am with my new 12 yr old son! WOW!

 photo DSCF0344_zps86dab673.jpg
Made my son a lego cake. After I prepared the cake I realized I made his brother a lego cake on his 12th birthday as well. Pretty funny... I guess the age of 12 is THE year to love legos.. hee hee!!

 photo DSCF0376_zpsf9ae3a2a.jpg
Having a birthday just 3 days before Christmas, it's hard to HIDE the decorations. Each year I've done really well in making my son feel special on his birthday. We keep all the lights off and just focus on his special day.. This year I wanted to take it up a notch and give him the "birthday tree".. Decorating the Christmas tree with birthday balloons. His favorite color is light blue so I added blue/white balloons to our Christmas tree...

 photo DSCF0385_zpsde9003ba.jpg
He thought it was awesome!

 photo DSCF0379_zps4e4e0919.jpg
For my daughter's 19th birthday back in October I decorated her door with balloons and streamers. I decided to do that again for my son's birthday... He loved walking through it everytime he went into his room....

 photo DSCF0347_zpsd0095e5a.jpg
Having his two friends over (in the background), my two boys decided to be silly before singing Happy Birthday and having cake.. "Boys Will Be Boys"....
Happy 12th Birthday Little Man... We love You!!!

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