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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Catch All Area Cleanup Begins

Do you have a spot in your house that seems to be the catch all? This one below is mine.. I know, not much but it's one for me and I dislike it. It's covering up my bins and I'm having trouble getting to my stamping supplies because this tote is full and in the way

This weekend, I want to tackle this pile, go through everything in the tote and thrift store, or sell what it's in on our local online 'garage sale'. On the top of the tote sits a blanket I started making years ago for my son. All it needed was a straight stitch down two sides and it's complete. I plan to finish this. Of course, my son is now too old for the theme but I do know of someone who would like it so it will be a future gift! The white box in front is FULL of documents that need to be shredded so this will take a good amount of time to complete. 

This mound of stuff is occupying a corner of my office. I'm a stickler for having a clean home. My motto is "Everything needs a Home.. If it doesn't then it's gone." Now that my kids are older, I can finally have an organized and clean home. It's such a wonderful feeling when you know exactly where something is, you don't have to look for it or repurchase something because you can't remember if you still have it.

I look forward to finally having this under control and this corner back to it's clean self.. I hope that I will be finished with re-organizing my recipe binder by the weekend so I can tackle this and get it done. We are supposed to receive a good amount of snow in the next couple days so it looks like a perfect time to do some indoor cleaning and organizing.. don't you think?

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