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Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Thousand Gifts 66-86

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Had computer issues this week so I'm behind in my weekly One Thousand Gifts post which I usually post on Wednesday.. Here is this week's One Thousand Gifts.. # 66-86....

 3 Gifts Found in Christ

66. Salvation
67. Forgiveness of our Sins
68. His Blood

3 Things Blue

69. DS12's favorite color
70. DS12's room
71. A bluejay

Something Borrowed, Found, Inherited

72. A book
73. A pencil
74. My grandmother's Bible

A Gift Before Dawn, At Noon, After Dark

75. The sound of silence before all is awake
76. A delicious lunch
77. The Constellations on a clear night

3 Gifts in the Kitchen

78. My Kitchen Aid Mixer
79. My beautiful cupboards that have been recently redone
80. All of my baking equipment so I can make yummy meals

3 Things Found in Friendships

81. Laughter
82. Trust
83. Companionship

A Song Heard, A Soft Word, Light Seen

84. Birds chirping outside while it's snowing (a song heard)
85. love ( a soft word)
86. Watching a falling star (light seen)

Return next Wednesday for my next installment of One Thousand Gifts....
You can join in on the 1000 Gifts Journey by visiting A Holy Experience HERE

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