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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Re-Organizing Recipe Binder Begins..

I've been wanting to reorganize my recipe binder for some time. Mainly because I've acquired a lot of recipes thanks to Facebook and Pinterest. The system I had before worked but as I started to collect more recipes it was getting harder and harder for me to find what I was looking for. Mainly because I had vague categories such as breads and that included muffins, bread, scones etc.

I also had a vague category of lunch/dinner which you can only imagine how many were in there??

So here I am.. starting fresh, with a clean slate and an idea.. I've now started implementing this idea into an actual binder. It all starts at the computer......

 photo DSCF0646_zps061b8e8b.jpg
Going through my enormous FAVORITES folder with all my recipes I've saved off the internet and printing them all off below...

A nice HUGE stack and a few ink cartridges later.. (I'm still not completely done with this because I had computer problems which have been going on for months and finally decided to reboot the computer to factory setting) This has taken me off course a bit as I needed to get my computer back to running. I still have a few more from the FAVORITES and then I have my Pinterest boards to go through and print.. YES.. I'm printing them out and adding them to my binder because I no longer want to rely on my computer for my basic needs.

 photo DSCF0640_zps11f1ddb9.jpg

So far here is what I've been able to accomplish. I've put the recipes I have into more specific categories and have put a protective sleeve over everyone of them.. of course to protect them from water and food spills while cooking/baking.

I will be dividing all of my recipes into 3 binders. One for BAKING, COOKING, and NON FOOD

Each category will be covered in pretty scrapbook paper, labeled on it and also have a tab for the side.

I hope to get this done this week since it's consuming most of my kitchen table. Now that my computer issues are (praying) behind me now, I can move forward with getting this complete because I'm itching to get back to cooking different meals. You can only cook the ones in your head for so long before you NEED to make something different.. 

I'll post my cookbooks when they are all done.. Until then....

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