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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One Thousand Gifts 129-149

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 3 Gifts Behind a Door

129. A surprise friend's visit standing at the front door
130. Hubby's uniform as a reminder he has a job to support our family
131.My son in his room singing to Christian music

3 Ways You Feel The Love of God

132. After prayer
133. When your child speaks about God
134. When I'm reminded of all that He has given me

 3 Gifts This Week

135. Our romantic date that was at the house while the kids went out and had fun together
136. The attitude's of all the children were so positive and uplifting
137. Being able to find food for free w/ coupons to stock up and save money for the family

3 Gifts Found Giving/Serving

138. Watching my son hold the door open for everyone behind him at the store
139. Volunteering at the church
140. Being able to help a friend when in need

3 Gifts on Paper
141. A love poem my hubby wrote for me for Valentine's Day
142. A love poem I wrote to my hubby for Valentine's Day
143. Tax return to use for a little nest egg

3 Gifts That were "Plan B's"

144. Remodeling the laundry room and finding a better solution to reinforce the wall corners
145. Was supposed to have a steak dinner for Valentine's Day but the lasagna I made that was for a different occasion was just as delicious and just as romantic
146. Was going to give up cable to save money but the woman at the cable company surprised us with a better deal and free items at a better price

A Gift in Losing, Finding, Making Something

147. Losing our dinner arrangements on Monday prompted us a trip out of town for my DD19 to drive on the highway and have the entire family spend a day together which is rare right now with all three kids doing their own thing.
148. Finding all the items I needed to make our Valentine's Day a romantic evening alone with my hubby.
149. Crocheting a blanket for my son's 15th birthday

Return next Wednesday for my next installment of One Thousand Gifts....
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