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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stop Monsanto!

I have a passion to eat healthy, wholesome, real, unprocessed, non G.M.O foods. I just found out this past week that the #1 company producing G.M.O products is Monsanto and they want to put a wheat testing facility in the town I live in. Great Falls, Montana. 

The town is outraged and we need them to STOP. If Monsanto puts there claws into the wheat industry, then all the product that comes out of Montana which is a large percentage of American wheat will be destroyed, as Monsanto seed will spread to adjacent farms and say goodbye to real wheat.

Monsanto is known for taking their seeds (which are patented) and sprinkling them onto farmers crops and then suing them for having their patented product on their farms without permission. These farmers go bankrupt because of legal fees. Monsanto is HUGE and this past year President Obama signed a law "Monsanto Protection Act" which gives them complete authority over the agricultural world.

This company is known for making Agent Orange, & Roundup. Chemicals to kill and we are eating their products. Corn, soybeans are their big crops. 90% of these two crops in America today are G.M.O. This stuff has been shown in studies to cause cancer in lab rats.. America is now their lab rats.

We need to STOP THEM NOW! If you live in Montana click on this link below where it says "Stop Monsanto Great Falls Petition" to sign this petition. If you live outside of Montana but you also want to say NO to MONSANTO.. Click on this link HERE to go to the Facebook page to March Against Monsanto and find a local area where they are fighting back.

We need to take back our food America before it's too late!!

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