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Monday, March 3, 2014

Motivated Moms Planner Review

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I've had the opportunity to review Motivated Moms e-planner

Are you tired of not remembering what to do each day? A bit overwhelmed with day to day chores that get unchecked at the end of the day? Look no further. Over the past several weeks I've been using Motivated Moms e-planner chore schedule. For the review we were able to choose from the selection of planners she has to offer and use it in our home daily. Want to see all of what she has to offer, you can take a peek at all 12 of their PLANNERS.  She has page per day, page per week formats along with half size or full size printables.  There is also a downloadable app for your IPad, IPhone, & ITouch. I don't have any of those so I chose one of her downloadable, printable e-planners.

The website has several options to choose from. I chose the one below:
 2014 Motivated Moms Page Per Day Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading {Black and White}

 What made this particular planner stand out to me was the daily scripture reading. Looking at the example below of one day that you can see on the left column, the bible reading is the first item on the list. It's wonderful to be able to have that available to me each and everyday and also a daily reminder of the importance of digging into the Word daily. 

Motivated Moms chore system is designed for mom's in mind but can easily be adapted to include your children and even husband as I've done with my copy. I'll explain below.

Let's break down a typical day with this wonderful house cleaning schedule. 

The column on the left is daily chores. Things you should accomplish every single day. Such as feeding your pets, planning and cooking dinner, making your beds, empty trash and exercising. This schedule doesn't change from day to day. It remains the same but the great news is if you have things to accomplish that are daily and are not on the list, the planner provides blank spaces to fill in. 

I do have to add that the left column is extremely helpful but some of the items that are repeated daily do not apply to me. We don't do laundry daily and since my children are older, don't need me to read to them so these daily chores need to be crossed off each day as I go over the chart and it sometimes gets tedious and wish there was a way to customize it.

The top right is your daily chores. Things that are specific to that day. For example, Wednesday, February 19th has us:

**Changing hand towels in bathrooms- (this chore comes up about every 3-4 days)
**Dust children's/guest room(s)- (For this chore I have my children dust their own rooms as they are 12 + in age)
**Clean light fixture-family/living room (this is a great chore to remind me since I tend to overlook this simple chore because it falls into the category of less important but with this reminder and the small amount of items each day to check off I'm able to tackle these styled chores)
**Clip Children's Nails- (for this chore I just cross it off as it doesn't pertain to my family since my kids are old enough to maintain their own nails.

The house cleaning schedule doesn't stop there. It also gives us space to write down appointments for that day along with a space to jot down our dinner plans so we already know what will be made for the day. Taking the guess work out of figuring out the evening meal at the last minute.

 photo 0803da3c-d4b8-4c9b-8e1e-79ecb4f2c37a_zps6ac94d32.png 

What I love about this chore organizer is the ability to make it my own. With the list of already scheduled chores, I can also add things that are not on the list that are specific to my family and their needs. I have made a copy below of an example of how I've been using this house system for my family.

 photo DSCF0728_zps5dfdf545.jpg

In the section where she has NOTES, that's where I add my other chores not listed on this that need to be attended to for the day. For example, on this particular day above, I needed to make my own laundry soap and some banana muffins. These items would never be on the chore chart but for me needing to get tackled. I did have a couple of items I wanted to work on but as you can see I ended up crossing them off since I didn't get to them that day. No worries, as I just added them to the next days NOTES section.

For the left column I also customized that. Since my children are 12 + in age, I have assigned them responsibilities to lighten the load on me and to teach them responsibility. As you can see by my copy above, I have letters next to some of the chores indicating that chore to that certain person.

Before using Motivated Moms e-planner, I did have a system in place for my children and myself. For the past three years my focus has been to organize and simplify my life/house. We were well on our way with organization before receiving this so when I started working on it, I didn't have much to 'catch up' on.

I wish I could show you some before/after photos of the transformation of how easy this program works but since my house was clean before, I currently don't have that. I do want to add though, this program will get your organized if you are not. Working on the idea that you do a little amount each and everyday to get you to where you want to be. From cleaning the top shelf of your refrigerator to dusting your ceiling fans, you get your house not only organized, but clean. Who doesn't want to have a clean, tidy, organized home to relax and enjoy? I know I do. If everything is in its place then you will spend less time looking for stuff and more time with your family.

The price is right for this one year planner. For just $8.00 you can download your copy within minutes and be on your way to an organized, clean home. The best part is she lets you download samples of each of her planners to make sure you are picking the one that's right for you and to make sure it's compatible to your computer and printer.

If you are looking for more information about this wonderful planner you can check out other crew members reviews of this product in the banner below. Just click it and it will take you to a list of others that have had the opportunity to use this product in their homes.

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