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Thursday, April 24, 2014

One Thousand Gifts 275-295

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  Blogging my One Thousand Gifts.. One Gift at a Time...

275. Purchased tickets to the Women of Faith conference in Billings, MT
276. A rental car to enjoy my mini mom vacation
277. Hubby giving me four days away to enjoy the conference by myself
278. A hotel room with a kitchen
279. The opportunity to feel appreciated outside of the home
280. Feeling of family unity
281. Everyone pulling together to help while I leave for four days
282. A new faucet for my kitchen sink that doesn't leak
283. The sounds of rain on the roof
284. Watching my grass turn green. A sign of new life
285. The sounds of the first thunder storm this year
286. God revealing His plans for me
287. Hubby's encouragement to attend the conference
288. Getting away for 4 days to recharge my Mom batteries
289. Watching my teen son make a duct tape costume for his drama class
290. Reading Ecclesiastes with new eyes
291. Seeing God's handiwork everywhere I look
292. Hubby taking a day off of work to be with the kids while I'm away
293. Having friends over for Easter dinner
294. Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
295. Watching the kids hunt for glow in the dark Easter eggs..

Return next week for my next installment of One Thousand Gifts....
You can join in on the 1000 Gifts Journey by visiting A Holy Experience HERE

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