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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Laundry Room/Bathroom Makeover Part 2

We are full swing on our laundry room and guest bathroom makeover. I've been working many hours on both rooms each day along with everything else a Mom has to do. It's coming along nicely. Not done yet but it's finally looking like I did something to it.

 photo 029_zpsa252aee7.jpg

As you can see a little sneak peak of the new paint color above the shower/tub in the guest bathroom. The paintable wallpaper is all installed and I now have the bathroom painted on the top half above the chair molding and about half of the laundry room above the chair molding done. It's this color above. 

The bottom half will be Antique White along with all the molding in the room. Hubby so graciously took over the task of installing ALL the trim. The floor molding is completed and he's now awaiting me to complete the top half of the painting so I don't have to tape it all and paint around it like I've had to do with the new door trim on four doors.. ugh... He'll then install the chair molding and then work on the crown molding.

We still have the interior of the windows in both rooms to update and put in window trim on the outside. The laundry room window will be getting wood mini blinds and the bathroom window will be painted with a frosted tint so there will be no need for a curtain or shade since it's only 13" wide. After we update the entire window we don't want to cover it up with a window treatment since you can't find one that small I'd have to make one to fit inside. I thought frosting it would look better so I hope it will turn out.

Painting the upper half of the laundry room should be completed tomorrow.. fingers crossed.. and then the molding will get put up and then I'll work on the bottom half of the wall/trim. 

Baby steps to get these rooms done but it's looking good. I can't believe they are the same rooms I've been looking at for 7 years now. There is color on the walls. It's been white for so long so it's something to get used to but in a good way.

When this is all said and done I will then need to take all the doors outside to paint them since it's cheaper to paint then to replace them. They will be off white to match all the trim in the house.

When these two rooms are done, I still have the boys' bathroom and the master bathroom to complete but will be taking a much needed break when these two are done to work on some outdoor projects that need attending. We hope to put in a planter box that stretches the length of the house in the front yard, the deck needs resurfacing and stained and I'd like to redo the paint job on the door of our shed since it's peeling. While the paint for that is out, I'll be touching up our house (we painted it 4 yrs ago) since hubby just put up new gutters he didn't place them in the same spot so there is spots on the walls where it didn't get painted.

Hubby will also be putting in a brick path between our deck and shed and we'll be needing new skylights for our house. LOTS of projects and we hope we will be able to complete all of these this Summer. I'll share everything here as we get to them..

Are you remodeling or updating your house or yard? I'd love to hear about it.. Thanks for stopping by.

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