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Monday, June 23, 2014

30 Day Squat Challenge

It's time to get some sweat on. For the month of May I took the 30 Day Squat Challenge below. Starting on Day 1 with 50 squats and at day 30 ending at 250 squats. I couldn't believe the difference I felt in my legs after this challenge was up but I knew I needed to do more. I started feeling my muscle tone and less jiggle and that was awesome.

If you are wanting to start a squat challenge for the 1st time, I highly recommend this one from  After 30 days, you are ready for what I started six days ago.. Look below...

I'm now working on the 30 Day EXTREME SQUAT challenge.. Starting right where I left off on the May challenge, at 250 squats and at the end of this 30 days which will end on July 17th, I'll be at 500 squats.

This is my trouble area for me. The back of the thighs, butt and backend area.. My goal is to be in a comfortable size 6 and to get to that goal, I must work my legs and the best exercises out there are the ones that use your own body weight. These are also great for those folks who don't have a gym membership or space for equipment. All you need is a little space for you to squat right where you are and then you're on your way to a slimmer back side, thighs and legs.

This blog is all about getting real with my fitness. Being accountable for my bad days and happy in my good days. To be that way, I have to show who I am, and who I wish to become. So with that, I plan to post photos of my journey along the way. I want to journal the progress and see where I need help and to see what works. To accomplish that, I have to take pictures even the problem areas of my body. 

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps7499e6ac.jpg

This is the area that I'm concentrating on this month. With the squat challenge I wanted to see how this challenge will change my overall look of my back side, thighs and legs. So here is a picture I took six days ago on Day 1 of my Extreme Squat challenge. I didn't take a before/after picture when I participated in the first challenge. I wish I did though so I could compare, but I do know that my legs just under my butt are more firm and less jiggle and gravity isn't taking it downward so I'll take it..

FYI: I am in a size 8 pants and a size 6 shorts for those interested in knowing what pant size I'm currently wearing. 

I'd love for anyone who's interested to join me in this challenge. You can start whenever.. Just comment below when your day one is, and we'll keep each other accountable along the way. I will be blogging weekly on this challenge and if I see progress, I'll share photos along the way.

Who's with me? Would love to hear if you will be joining alongside me. Let me know if you'll be taking the 30 Day Challenge or the 30 Day Extreme Challenge..

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  1. Elizabeth @sandcastlesinfl@aol.comJuly 18, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    I wish I would of seen this sooner I would of Loved to participate! Maybe when I'm done with my bootcamp I can do this challenge.


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