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Monday, June 2, 2014

6th Grade Graduation- Pencil Cake

My youngest, DS12, just completed his sixth grade which here in Montana means he's completed Elementary School, and ready to embark on the middle school years come Fall.

When my older son DS15 now, graduated elementary school I made him a cake to celebrate. I felt it very fitting to make my other son one as well. I found this great idea for this pencil cake HERE and knew this was the cake to make.

 photo 0041_zps5ea26f1b.jpg

This was very simple to make. Mike & Ike candies for the erasers, yellow frosting for the pencils, brown frosting for the wood portion at the top of the pencil and mini chocolate chips for the lead. I frosted it with a crumb coat of white frosting. The cake is lemon- two 9" cakes

 photo 008_zpsb6c7b7c0.jpg

A close up of the top of the cake where you can see the pencils

 photo 010_zps4ae3a763.jpg

My son loved it and thought it was really neat. It was actually perfect timing since I finished it yesterday and we were going to enjoy it after dinner. Then I received a message to come over for a BBQ at the neighbors and we brought it over to share with everyone. It fed over 20 people and had three slices left. It was a hit!

Congratulations to my son for finishing elementary school. He's now ready to start his new journey in his education... 7th grade as a homeschooler..

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