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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Save the Ta-Ta's 5K Race

Last night I participated in my very first ever night race. Save the Ta-Ta's 5K in support of local families affected by breast cancer. The goal was to dress up in pink to enjoy the evening run. The trail was lit up with pink glow sticks and we were given glow sticks to wear.

 photo 31_zpsd0ab96da.jpg

I went all out for this race. I'm not one to dress up or bring attention to myself but once I arrived, I realized I was not alone in my attire selections. My wonderful friend Amelia made my tutu for the occasion and I decked myself in more pink with my headband, shirt, shoes and socks. I was ready to have fun.

The route started at the river and went along the river trail up a nice hill to our local U.S Flag which here locally is called Flag Hill. Did a half mile loop up top and then it was all down hill from there back home. I ran it in 38:16 which is a 12:20 min mile. I find that excellent despite the running conditions. There is a large amount of fires burning in the adjacent states and also in Canada around MT and it was thick with smoke during the race. With my float on fire (no pun intended) while running up the elevated hill (smoke was thicker) I was having trouble with the desire to cough. Luckily there was water at the top to smooth the throat on the way down.

 photo 5_zpsed33952a.jpg

Here above is me giving my youngest son a high five as I reach the finish line.

I enjoyed the night time idea of the race and being able to dress up made for a wonderful experience. I will definitely be running this again in the future!

 photo 061_zps9a53fff8.jpg

This photo was taken just after my race in my glistening condition. I was pumped and excited to finish.

Thanks to my friends that supported me and helped motivate me to do my best.. You guys are awesome!

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