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Monday, August 25, 2014

Celebrating the Big 4..0..

This month I turned the big 4..0.. I know I'm probably one of the select few that's embracing getting older. I've come a long way since the 70's. Had my kiddos in my twenties, in my thirties I've worked towards becoming healthier, by eating right, exercising and taking up running. Now it's time to hit the 40's and do it with style. I'm going to keep exercising, running and eating healthy. I look forward to the years ahead. Each year giving me the many blessings of seeing my kids grow up, being in love with my wonderful husband and enjoying what God has in store for me..

I thought I'd show you some pics of my birthday and party I had below...

 photo 40-1_zpsaaae7b02.jpg

On my actual birthday, the family and I celebrated by going bowling. I scored a 168 in my first game. I was so excited. My daughter gave me a wonderful apple slicer/corer which I have already taken advantage of recently making some yummy canned applesauce for our pantry. Hubby gave me this awesome camo shirt that I wore on my birthday and then had to snap a photo with two of my kiddos while we were bowling.

 photo 40-2_zpsdc716c62.jpg

Since my birthday is in August, it was in the low 90's so what a great time to have fun at the pool and water park. Took the kiddos there for an afternoon of fun while hubby went to work. We met up with my hubby for dinner and celebrated with a meal out...

 photo 40party3_zps7c3d81b5.jpg

 photo 40party4_zpse4656b45.jpg

My birthday party came two days later. I love having a fun photo booth. Got all my friends and family involved. Don't you love it!

 photo 40party5_zps68f64761.jpg
While waiting for the food to BBQ we sat on the deck and enjoyed each others company and of course enjoying the silliness of my kiddo who decided he wanted to wear ALL the props from the photo booth..

 photo 40party1_zpsa2381caa.jpg

My birthday cake I made

 photo 40party7_zps57f03889.jpg

Enjoying the cake.. mmm... And another goofy pic of my youngest son..

 photo 40party6_zps38469f76.jpg

Opening gifts.. My friends and family know me really well..

 photo 40party8_zpsfaddfa88.jpg

Friends together, my hubby and son being silly and me sporting my awesome 40 sign! 
What's a party without some games! I put together three fun games to play that were themed to fit the big 40..

 photo guessmyage_zps2c32aa22.jpg

I put together this game above. Found 16 pictures of myself when I was younger and my guests had to figure out how old I was in each picture..

 photo guesswhos40_zps55ada8bd.jpg

Another game was Guess Who's 40? 10 famous folks, 4 of which are 40 this year.. My guests had to figure out which 4..

I also had another game which I didn't take a picture of. It was 36 items that were fad's from the 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's. The years since my birth.. That was fun walking down memory lane of things we used to wear or have.. 

I had a blast ringing in the next decade of my life with wonderful friends and family.. Great memories for sure..

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