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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Family Fun at the Fair

The family and I went to the fair with my friend and her family and had a blast of a day. Spent time looking at my cards on exhibit and rode some rides. Of course we had to have some fair food which included an elephant ear and funnel cake.. mmm... I know not the best food to consume and of course totally processed but it was one day and we enjoyed the treat.

 photo fairfun1_zps3357aa78.jpg

After going through some of the exhibits and grabbing some fun photos, we ventured off to riding a couple rides.

 photo fairrides_zps15e5d295.jpg

The carnival company was having a special where you can ride 7 rides for just $10.00.. Instead of worrying about how many tickets the ride needed, we just needed one per ride. Made for an easy and relaxing day.

 photo fairrides2_zps3bfeafba.jpg

The kids and I loved the bumper cars.. We had a blast riding around the track looking for each other. The weather was perfect that day. In the upper 70's, low 80's. We couldn't beat that since the following day the temps soared into the low 90's.. We picked a great day to enjoy the fair and we made some wonderful memories along the way.

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