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Monday, August 25, 2014

Front Yard Makeover

I decided to redo the front yard. The area next to the house and grass. It was looking worn out, old bark, the border wasn't straight and we had random large rocks just placed haphazardly.. I needed a cleaner, fresher look. 

So I kept the existing pots I had (which in the past I couldn't get the bulbs to grow so they've been empty for a couple years), and purchased some hostas plants and some other part shade plants that would be easy maintenance. It took me a few days to get this completed.

Thanks to my kids for hauling all the rocks away (which we gave to our friends to use as a walkway to their front door), and my two neighbors for coming over a few times to either keep me company while I worked or getting down on the ground and helping me out. 

Here below is the end result. I'm very happy and it looks so clean now.

 photo yard4_zps89437d0b.jpg

 photo yard3_zpsf2bc6041.jpg

 photo yard1_zps39b17b03.jpg

What I Used:

Hostas plants to go in pots (purchased at Walmart)
Two kinds of shade plants that I planted. Every other after each pot. (Purchased at Walmart)
Rubber mulch and weed barrier (Purchased at Home Depot)
Rubber L shaped border- (Purchased at Home Depot)
 (this now allows me to run my lawn mower up to this without the need to trim)

I absolutely love the new look and now I just hope and pray my plants will survive in the pots and will continue to come back each year. All the plants I have are perennials or bulbs so they will return again next Spring..

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