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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Showcasing Our School Room


Week 2 already for the Not Back to School Blog Hop.. This week it's all about the school room. In my case it's our old dining room turned school room. We updated it last year and love the new look. Fresh paint, crown and floor molding. The window was redone and new wood mini blinds added. And of course new decor to invite positive learning.

Heading into our new school year on the 25th of this month, I will be homeschooling both my boys grades 10 and 7. I've simplified quite a bit and now only house current curriculum and curriculum I know I'll use within the next six years. Everything else is gone. I've limited my storage for supplies including pencils, paper etc just holding onto the items I know we will be using in the next year.

 photo DSCF0567_zps239fb66d.jpg

  photo DSCF0571_zpsc5a2b097.jpg

Since my kids are no longer in elementary school, our supplies list has diminished and now just focusing on things we would need for science experiments and the basic staples such as paper, pencils, notebooking supplies. The white shelving on the left of the picture above is where we store all of our basic schooling supplies described above. Construction paper, markers, glue etc. The black box on the bottom right is the lesson planning box that holds all the papers needed for the kids.


Here above is the brain's of each year's homeschool operation. It holds every ounce of paperwork for the entire 36 weeks of school. I've divided the school year into four quarters. Each quarter represents a color.
1st Quarter- Pink
2nd Quarter- Blue
3rd Quarter- Red
4th Quarter- Black
I have 9 colored folder representing each color since each quarter is 9 weeks of our schooling

Here is a folder of Week 10. This quarter is represented by the Blue Folder. I labeled the side Week 10 in the same color as the folder.


On the inside of each colored folder holds 2 manila colored folders as shown above. Each of these folders were cut down on the side to remove the tab so you could see the outside tab when this is closed. You can see that on the blue folder picture above. The reason I have two folders inside is to represent two of my children. My two youngest. I have the appropriate color coded dot on the folder to remind me this is this particular quarter and next to that I wrote the first initial of each child and the week number.
Example- Kids name would be Adam so I wrote it like this below
Some of the dots I had to color myself with the pens I purchased when I bought the folders to match. I just purchased the regular white sticker dots and filled them in. I did the dots and the dates like this above so in case any of the folders get misplaced from the outside one, I'll know where it goes.

Each manila folder holds the appropriate copies for each child. I then took it a little further and dated the copies as I did the lesson planning to make it easier for the kids to know which papers to do when.
All of this is coordinated with my calendar. I didn't take a pic of my calendar but I have a circle dot like above on each week that we school. 9 weeks has one color, then another 9 for the next color etc. I've already marked the dates we will be taking off school and then I filled in the lesson planners with all this info.
All my copies for the entire year are done and filed into this awesome box streamlining my school year.

 photo DSCF0570_zpseef8a095.jpg

The silver cupboard holds our future curriculum and science experiment supplies as well as basic office supplies on the bottom. The top shelf holds all the empty folders, composition notebooks and page protectors we would need throughout the school year.

 photo DSCF0568_zps0b2116c6.jpg

On the right side of this picture is our erase board for when we need to further our discussions or study with the boys. Usually pertaining to math.

 photo DSCF0569_zps018b46b9.jpg

This book shelf houses our current curriculum on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th shelves. Study materials are housed on the 1st and 5th shelf..

So that is our homeschool room.. Thanks for stopping by so I can show it to you.. I'll be posting next week to show off my kiddos in the Student Photo Week.. See you then..


  1. Love your organizing system. Genius!

  2. Your organizing and planning skills always amaze me woman! Love it! Nice set up for ya too. Wish I could just stop over and visit with ya but the commute is a wee bit too much-LOL....Blessings


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