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Friday, December 30, 2016

I'm In! 2017 Miles

Last year, I saw a running challenge to run 2,016 miles in one year. Unfortunately I didn't see it before the year started so didn't sign up. This year I am in! With it being 2017 in a couple days, the total miles to complete is 2,017 miles.. 5.5 miles a day for 365 days if you go solo. I was going to do that if I couldn't find someone to join me as a team. It definitely would of been a challenge but I would work hard!

I did find someone to join me as a team. Two actually. They are local friends. One is a runner like me and the other an avid walker. For me I would love to divide it up for me to do half and the other two divide the other half between the two of them. I want to give myself the best challenge possible without making it too easy. If divided equally by 3 it would only be 1.8 miles a day which I easily do so it wouldn't be anything harder than my normal routine. I want this to be a physical challenge but not to the point where my body can't handle it and I know 5.5 miles a day without rest would not be doable for me.

 My personal challenge is half of the miles at 1,009 to complete this year.. 2.75 miles a day or 19.25 miles a week. VERY DOABLE! I want to take this year to actually train for a half marathon and actually do it. I've trained in the past for it, went out to do a 10K and then stopped training. Got myself up to 9 mile runs.

I'm not getting any younger, will be 43 in 2017 so now is the time to train and complete! Time isn't my issue, completing it is what I want to do. This year I completed my second 10K so now just need to work myself up to the 13.1 miles needed to complete the half. We have two locally each year. One in May which is the same race I did my 10K in called Buffalo Jump 10K/Half. They also have a half with it and then we have another one in September called Kickin' Assphault Half. 

I am sure that the September one would be easier on me since it's on the trail here in town with little ups and downs, BUT it's 9 months from now. I need to focus and stay "Determined". The Buffalo Jump run has a really nice hill to climb to get up by the jump but the second half is all downhill.... 

I want to complete this challenge with the half marathon as an extra bonus! I am looking to complete the half in May giving me a little over 16 weeks to prepare. The best part, while training I get to add up my miles for this Run the Year Challenge!!

Anyone out there looking to get physically fit in 2017? Gather a couple friends and sign yourself up. Get walking or running on January 1st. You can walk, run or use the elliptical to add up your daily miles..

I am already registered for Run The Year 2,017 Miles in 2017 Challenge and you should too! Use this code for $5 off but hurry because it expires in 48 hours! 1/1/2017
Follow the link below to register: Use Promo Code: HHBPZ1

Run The Year 2,017 Miles in 2017 Challenge
Awesome Medal you can order to show off all your hard work!

Each month there is a monthly challenge with Kara Goucher... Everyone can participate in as many or as few as you'd like!

Let's make 2017 the best we can for our mind, body and soul!! We can do it!

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