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Saturday, December 31, 2016

One Word 2017

Another year is just around the corner. For me that means picking my One Word to help me along the way. I've been doing this since 2011 and find it inspiring to have one word each year.

This year my word is DETERMINED!

Determined To:
D: Deliver wholesome food for my family
E:  Educate my children
T:  Train for my 1st ever half marathon
E:  Enjoy the little things
R:  Remember to keep it simple!
M: Manage my household the way God designed
I:    Ignore negative thoughts
N:  Not overcomplicate my life
E:  Embrace a stronger fitness program to strengthen my body
D:  Design new things for myself and family (quilt a blanket & make earrings)

Determined to:

  • Train and complete a half marathon
  • To participate and complete half of the 2,017 miles in the 2017 Running Challenge
  • To get back to eating nothing but whole foods and eliminating processed food for good
  • Making healthy homemade meals like I did in the past
  • To lose the last of my weight and to get physically fit using weights and the running challenge
  • To continue to help out in the homeschooling community with the bowling league and the graduation ceremony and to continue facilitating my monthly book club
  • To enjoy as much time as I can with my children as they are almost all grown (2nd child will be 18 in March)
  • To live, laugh and enjoy the simple things
  • To continue to live simply and not over complicate my schedule, house or life
  • To actually read 52 Books in 52 Weeks this year (Get back to the love of reading)
  • To stay organized and to help with my children's homeschool journey (my 2nd graduates in May with one more 3 yrs more to go)
These are just a few things that have come to my head while typing this post. I am sure this list will grow as the year gets started.

Do you have One Word? It's never to late to start.... You can check out what this is all about and join in at:

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