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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Graduation Decorating & Gift Idea

I had fun decorating for my son's high school graduation. We decided to hold it at the same location I had my daughter reception back in 2013. I booked two days for the room so I could set up the day before and just come the day of and put out food. Since the ceremony was that morning and I didn't get out until after 3:30pm and the reception started at 5:30pm, I am so glad I did that!

I made my son a little gift since his main present from me was his class ring and party! I found a cute idea of giving lottery tickets as a gift. I found this cute 2017 grad bag and some skewers and attached 10 lottery tickets and two gift cards to the skewers with paper clips. I lined the bag with grad tissue paper.


A party wouldn't be a party without a PHOTO BOOTH! Well at least for me!!!

I decided to order cupcakes and a mini cake instead of trying to make one with all that was going on. Since I was also coordinating the graduation I seriously had no time.. The cake was decorated in my son's favorite color.. YELLOW!


Thought it would also be fun to add some other sweet treats as well as the cupcakes.. Nothing like some graduation  Ho Ho "DIPLOMAS".. Some "SMARTIE PANTS" Smartie candies, "CLASS RINGS" Ring Pops, and Some "BOOK WORMS" gummy worms.


I did some simple table decorations since my son didn't want anything fancy or splashy.  I took 6 of his favorite senior photos that I took of him back in March had them printed out and double backed them onto skewers. I then added felt cap stickers onto the top on both side to give them a topper. I bought the containers they were in from the Dollar store and crinkle paper in black/white/yellow to fill them.


I found the yellow paper placemats at Party America to give the table some yellow splash since it was my son's selected color.. I found the black cap/gown centerpieces at Party America as well for just a couple bucks..

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