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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Adventures

My husband had a four day weekend over Memorial Day weekend so we decided to get out of town and do some exploring. We've been pretty much home bound since Winter started so it was really nice to go see things in our beautiful state of Montana.

Since we live centrally it's nice to be able to go pretty much anywhere in a days drive. We decided though to take two days to see several things..

Libby Dam Koocanusa Bridge

We had a blast driving up to see Libby Dam and the Kookanusa Bridge. The lake/river was pretty low so no water was coming over the dam. That was okay. The dam was beautiful regardless. Huge and worth a photo!

LDBG Ross Creek Cedars

During our two days away we drove to see large cedar trees along a breathtaking hike in the forest. Ross Creek Cedars is well worth the trip to see. Reminds me so much of Yosemite National Park.

Kootenai Falls Swinging Bridge

Along our drive through Kalispell, MT we stopped to see the Kootenai Falls. This time of year it was magnificent to see. Just beyond the falls is a swinging bridge to go across. I was surprised that it didn't freak me out since I'm terrified of heights and the raging water underneath normally would of given me the excuse not to go across. I conquered it and enjoyed the journey!

Columbia Falls Dam Schoolhouse Fishing Pole Noxon Dam

Before heading home we went to see two more dams, Noxon Dam, and Thompson Falls Dam. Each time the water was raging past and was a beautiful sight to see. Outside of Troy, MT there was a cute fishing pole overhanging the river. Had to stop to get a photo with it! As we neared Missoula we found a beautiful one room schoolhouse so had to stop to photograph it for memories.

It was wonderful to get away for a couple days.. After we returned, we stayed home on Day 3 to get some house stuff completed and then hubby and I ventured out for a day hike at Refrigerator Canyon.

ldbg canyon hike

We decided to go for a little more than a 6 mile hike. 3.25 miles in and then back. We were followed by lots of bumble bees and saw chipmunks and a squirrel. Other than that it was quiet and the scnery was heavenly. We enjoyed the cool temps in the canyon, the amazing views and serene quiet, just the two of us! After being married almost 20 years, you grab any opportunity you can to enjoy time together and since we love to get out of dodge and explore, what a better way to spend a day!

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