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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Organizing Home & School- Homeschool Supplies

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Organizing Your Home and School- Homeschool Supplies

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Today I'd like to show you how I organize our school space and what I do with all our supplies and books. 

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Here above is our homeschool room viewed from both sides. This used to be our dining room until we remodeled our family room and turned that into our permanent dining room, which allowed us to have a permanent homeschool room. Last March I came in here, repainted all the walls the same color, added floor, ceiling trim and redid the window trim. We also added a new light over our table which is perfect lighting for doing our work.

Today I want to focus on a few areas of our room. The metal cupboard in the left corner, a couple shelves on the white bookshelf and the clear containers next to the metal shelf. These key areas is where I store most of our items and keep them organized.

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I'd like to start off with two key shelves on the bookshelf next to the erase board. These two shelves house my son's current year school work. The top shelf holds his work completed for the week and the bottom shelf includes his textbooks, dictionary, bible and lesson planner.

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Inside the metal cabinet the second shelf is our future curriculum. I've gone through this just recently to weed out more that I know won't be used in the future to give room for the curriculum I just purchased for 2014-15 school year which is what you see on the shelf right now. I do have some curriculum here to be used in the high school level that my daughter used so it's just waiting until one of my boys is old enough to use them.

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The top shelf is where I store all my paper supplies. Which includes left to right.. Notebook Tablets, sheet protectors, clear folders, manilla folders, composition notebooks, spiral bound notebooks and colored folders

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The two bottom shelves is where our misc office supplies and extra items for science experiments are kept. I have empty baby food jars in one container, felt, pipe cleaners and table covers. The smaller containers on the left hold all my extra office supplies such as staples, paper clips, lead refills, brads etc. The top shelf has the literature books for my children's history curriculum, science accessories and binders full of printed e-books.

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This section of the cabinet holds our writing and cutting utensils in the spinning carousel which I got from Pampered Chef and to the right of that is our paper puncher and stapler and to finish off this shelf is the box on the right that holds all our CD and DVD curriculum

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Next to the metal cabinet I have a few clear containers. This area holds all our future writing utensils. As you can see above and below, I've sorted all our markers, pencils and pens into smaller clear containers to keep them organized and together. One drawer holds our glue.

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The last drawer holds my note paper. During the day I tend to take a lot of notes and this drawer is handy to hold all the paper I use throughout the year. As you can see I'm well stocked..

Thanks for stopping by today so I could share how I organized our homeschooling supplies. Stop by tomorrow to see how I organize my craft room.. Until then....

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  1. That's a neat arrangement that you've got going there! Definitely looks like a conducive environment for studying!


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