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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mule Doe Down! My First Ever!

We started hunting in 2011.. Pretty much every other year, I've personally brought home a deer. Our first year, I brought home the first deer for the family, a white tailed doe. Hubby got two deer that year giving us the most we've ever had..

In 2012, hubby brought home a mule doe and I didn't get anything that year. In 2013, I got my first ever Mule Buck which I named Lucky. You can read about that story HERE and you can see him below.

 photo 994978_10201871213214003_1958547585_n_zps60634573.jpg

In 2014, I had a grizzly bear scare and I decided I was done hunting that year, (You can read about my encounter HERE) but hubby went out and brought home a white tail doe.. Still was able to get meat in the freezer.

In 2015 (last year) I was the only one with a tag to hunt and hubby came with me to help locate one. I was able to bring home my 2nd Mule Buck.. You can see him below.

 photo 2015 deer_zpsh1wiib6v.png

This year I decided I wanted to try for a Mule Doe since they've been restricted for the past three years due to numbers in the area. I've never got one myself so that was my goal this year.. On the second day of hunting, she popped up out of the brush as we were walking by and VOILA, meat in the freezer!

 photo doe_zpsylpnmuyo.png

We are done for the season and blessed with what God has provided for us.. Next year I am looking to get a White Tail Buck.. The only thing I haven't got yet!! Something to look forward to in 2017..

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