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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Organizing Home & School- Crafts

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Organizing Your Home and School- Craft Supplies

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Nothing like having your crafts organized and easy to get to. Over the past year I've been working on keeping all my cardmaking crafts organized and a home for everything I have. This has been an undertaking but WOW, I love it. It was well worth the time it took to get it all organized. Now I know where everything is, it's easy to get to and when I want to make a card, I just go and start. No need to worry about where things are..

I started out by organizing my paper. I had a HUGE selection of paper from solids to patterns and most were tucked away and still in there original bindings. I went through each sheet and tore them apart and organized them by gender and whether they were patterned or solid. I now have a large crate with my 12 x 12 paper organized with dividers. I have a 6 x 6 mini crate organized the same way and my solid colored 8 1/2 by 11 paper is organized by color.



This above is more organized 12 x 12 paper. Each sheet is now easy to just pick up and use instead of having the thumb through pages that were still adhered to their folders.


My solid 8 1/2 by 11 paper organized by color


6 x 6 paper organized with dividers by gender and whether it's patterned or solid.

I also did this with my 8 x 8 paper. I just forgot to take a picture of it done.

On another day I spent the whole day organizing my ribbon. I started about a year ago storing them in glass cookie jars but over time I bought a lot of ribbon and got behind in putting them in there. I would unwrap them from their original containers and roll them each onto a wooden clothespin and store them color coded in the cookie jars. Well after I finally got them all done, I realized I had more than what the cookie jar could hold, so I went out and bought these really nice jars with lids since they are stored on top, dust won't get in the jar.


Then came the big change. I organized all my crafting drawers. Purchased a lot of drawer organizers at the Dollar Tree and went to work. Took me an entire day and a half to re-arrange everything and use the organizers to help me put everything in a good place to make it easy for me to make cards quickly.

 photo 014_zps8e4e81de.jpg

Here is one of my drawers that holds my wood stamps. I have three total

 photo 012_zps450a3f96.jpg

This has my small punches, and sponges for ink stamping

 photo 017_zps07b79fa3.jpg

All my glitter love is in this drawer along with my Tim Holtz ink

 photo 010_zps85f52394.jpg

Any kind of adhesive is in this drawer

 photo 011_zpsb3f2fa59.jpg

My clear stamp blocks up front and the back holds my pearl, rhinestones for card bling!

 photo 018_zpse0f56933.jpg

Everything that has to do with embossing is in this drawer along with my extra sponge daubers

 photo 015_zps020162cb.jpg

I have my Copic markers and Stampin Up ink markers in this drawer

After all the organizing I still didn't like how the clear drawers looked from the outside. I could still see inside the drawers because they were see through and even though they were organized it didn't look like it through the drawer faces and from the side. So I lined each drawer face with beautiful decorative scrapbooking paper and then sewed a fabric side/top cover for the sides of the drawers. The finished product looks awesome and it really makes my craft room look more elegant instead of a plastic storage bin area..




After: with the paper and the fabric lining on the side




After. You can't see the fabric lining really well on these two sets as they are tucked away next to my bookcase. These are two drawer sets stacked on top of each other. I lined each set separately in case I ever decide to move them.






Before-Another view


After- Another view



Here is a couple shots of the fabric lining when I pulled the drawers out from the wall. Doesn't it make the plastic containers look so much nicer. I absolutely love how they keep everything in my drawers private and makes the containers look more upscale verses plastic drawers.

 photo 020_zpsc095b7ed.jpg

After all my drawers were completed I worked on organizing all my clear stamps. Purchased this shelving unit at the store and it now holds all my Stampin Up Clear Stamp sets.

 photo 007_zps0f4ab749.jpg

My larger decorative punches hang on white curtain rods over my craft table so it's easy access when I'm making cards. Just recently I added the top by with a total of 4 since I purchased more punches..

 photo 008_zpse515edf2.jpg

On my craft table I added these really cool washi tape dispensers that I picked up at Michaels. Since I love washi tape I needed four dispensers which gives me room to add a few more..

 photo 027_zps94291f09.jpg

These mini crates hold anything that has to do with my Big Shot machine. The left side is embossing folders and the right is all the die cuts.

 photo 021_zps20a2caaf.jpg

Above my Big Shot crates I have two fabric crates that house my embellishments as you can see above. Each bin holds 4 of these plastic containers and I have all my embellishments organized as you can see below..

 photo 025_zpsc29664ef.jpg

I love my organized craft room. It really allows me to make my cards quickly without having to figure out where such and such is.. Do you have a special way you organize your crafting supplies. Would love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by today so I could share how I organized my crafting room and supplies. Stop by tomorrow to see how I organize digital photos.. Until then....

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