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Friday, April 11, 2014

Organizing Home & School- Personal Binder

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Organizing Home and School- Personal Binder/Organizer

Today I would like to show you how I organize my personal life using this binder/organizer.

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Awhile ago Staples had Martha Stewart binders for 25 cents. I snagged one so I could make a personal organizer for myself to keep my daily things together and to keep my future plans all in one place.

Here above is a view of the tabs I've designed using label designs.

The tabs I have include:

Weekly Tasks
Notes-To Do

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The first tab helps me organize my day. I place appts that need my attention outside of the home here as well as any notes I'd like to add. These pages above are good for an entire week.

 photo 014_zps8c91aa2b.jpg

The next tab is all about Bills. I designed this from my personal program. I used to place all my bills info on index cards and put them into a sleeve each month but found this method easier to read and keep track of. It has a column for DUE DATE, PAYEE, AMOUNT DUE, PAID

 photo 015_zps60b7b662.jpg

I all about taking notes.. This section is my note taking or task ideas. Sometimes I get an idea that I'm not ready to implement. I'll place it on one of these sheets.

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From The Home School Mom I found this printable calendar for 2014. I use this to mark dates I need to be somewhere or special occasion.

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The last tab is my chore schedule. This is my Motivated Moms chore chart which I had the opportunity not too long ago to receive and review. I fell in love with it and have kept using it since the review. You can read what I thought of this product HERE

I love keeping my daily to do lists and ideas all in one place. I've been implementing this idea for years, changing ways to keep it all in one place. So far I like the small binder concept since it's ringed and the pages can be moved out and new ones put in it's place.

Do you use a personal binder or organizer? I'd love to hear what you use..

Thanks for stopping by this week as I've shared how I organized my RECIPE BINDER, HOMESCHOOL SUPPLIES, CRAFT SUPPLIES, and DIGITAL PHOTOS. I've really enjoying sharing some of my organizational tips with you and would love to see how you've organized these areas in your life. Please leave a comment below...

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